Apartment Complex Living and Carpet Cleaning

When moving into a New Apartment and Need Not Only a Whole House Cleaning but a Professional Carpet Cleaning and Shampooing

Carpet Cleaning professional in apartment

Depending on the complex, apartment living can be an experience that is pleasant or horrific. I have had both over the years. What you thought you saw on your apartment tour was completely different from the unit you moved into.  I am happy that I had the choice of my favorite house cleaners and carpet cleaning and shampooing company. They came within days of the call and my apartment look and smelled new.

Though I was mainly concerned with the cleanliness of the current carpets, the owner offered a deal to clean my sofa and chairs.  It pays to be a repeat customer. Choosing to update my furniture by giving my sofa and chairs a professional upholstery cleaning; such royal treatment made me a permanent client.

This was an experience I had when moving into one of the apartment buildings. I had envisioned my crisp clean unit to mimic the model unit shown to me before submitting the application paperwork. The weeks and day came and I anxiously awaited my move in day.

The day arrived and with keys in hand, I entered my complex. What should have been pure excitement turned into utter shock. The apartment was in such an unclean state; I had refused to go in. The carpets were stained and soiled. The bathrooms were filthy and had a nauseating smell.

I quickly called the management office and within minutes the Superintendent was at my front door. He assessed the condition and reported back to the management office. Until then, my moving crew and myself patiently waited to hear back.

Within a short period of time, the management called with an apology and said the property owner will pick up the tab for the cleaning of the apartment. Shocked and relieved that this individual was so accommodating. You don’t see much of that in this world today.

So just in a few short days my apartment was cleaned and I had anew place to call home. I took my time to hang pictures and layout my furniture. I then started to make my way to apartment functions so that I could introduce myself to the neighbors. I completely recommend when looking for an apartment, if you appreciate the social life, find an apartment that caters to social functions. You will be able to meet new friends and have something to do, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Also I suggest, finding a complex that is close in to city amenities. Having a variety of activities nearby will give you the motivation to get out of the house and be more active. There is no sense staying indoors all year round.

When selecting a unit, choose one that is tailored to your personality. Obviously, you wont have much choice as to the structure of the apartment. But you can have a bit of choice as to whether you will be getting enough light or if you are on a noisy part of the complex. Since you will be living in this location for a while you want to feel comfortable.

So in all when choosing an apartment, do you’re your homework and choose wisely. Make sure you are happy with your location, your neighbors and your interiors. More importantly, make sure you are happy with the management team that is overseeing your complex. When they do a daily job well done, it will be in the best interest of the resident.