Spirituality is Good

Today was a good day. The morning was spent with spiritual people involved in doing good for the world. This gives me a real sense of peace and meaning whereas most days are full of stress and disappointment. Making a living takes a lot of efforts and time. Most of us would rather do something else than what we are doing and reality typically prevents us from doing what we want. It is frustrating.

Even though these are the majority of my days, the stressful ones, not the enjoyable morning like today I remain convinced that better times are coming soon. This world cannot continue on the path it is on and the human population is growing exponentially or close to it.

Given those realities is it reasonable to think that our human governments can solve the problems we face? Have they been able to up to now? Most would say they have provided some stability and protection but taken on the whole they have failed to provide reasonable standards earth wide for our human family. We were meant to be a family but we are not. It is a travesty beyond comprehension and maybe that is partly why so many don’t stop to look at it. They may rather just get what they can from the day because their days are numbered and death stalks us like a lion.

But there is real hope and the course the world has taken in the last century or so indicates that better times are coming. Is that a believable statement? You decide, please. There are a large “army” of people knocking on doors all over the world carrying an ancient book trying to show there is a solution to our problems, why we are in the situation we are all in and what is being done to fix it.

One reality of our situation is that our problems started in the spiritual realm and they also must be solved there. This is underway as we speak, thankfully. We, not being from the spiritual world are unable to fix that problem but there is someone who can, and wants to and will soon. This is part of some really good news.

I am really tired of the way this world is. People are starving and drinking horribly dirty water. Not just a few but large percentages of the earth population suffer through life and they are unable to be helped because the way the world is run. Again, we need a real solution that is permanent. We also need people who want to love each other and treat each other as they want to be treated. Only with these kinds of people will the world be a place to enjoy.

The same spiritual person alluded to earlier will also remove things from mankind that no human can ever even really dream of doing, sickness and death. Death is an enemy according to the Bible. It was never supposed to be part of humankind’s existence and it has ruled as king over mankind. It has been a cruel and unkind king!